My Home


God has blessed me with an amazing family and I always say that it was all in spite of me. I used to say that I live with six beautiful ladies.

My wife, Joy, has been the foundation of my family. She is the one who holds all things together. I married Joy right out of college, in the summer before my graduate studies. She wasn’t 21 yet, but I fell in love with this amazing woman!


God has given to me and Joy three loveliest daughters this world has ever known. Anna Jieun (지은 枝恩) is the first one. Her Korean name means “spreading grace,” and her English name speaks of the woman of prayer who embraced baby Jesus in the Jerusalem Temple. Amy Soeun (소은 蘇恩), is the second. I have prayed that she would be the “restoring grace,” as her Korean name prophetically promises. Amy is the beloved one. Abby Daeun (다은 多恩) is the youngest and has been the father’s delight which “Abigail” literally means. We have prayed that she would be “full of grace or abundant grace.”

I am blessed with the best, the most beautiful sister-in-law. I have been privileged to see her grow up from a skinny young middle schooler to a godly woman she is now. She has traveled with me in more ministry trips than anyone else.

grand ma with whithair grandmaMy my mother-in-law is one of the kindest, warmest, wonderful woman that I know. She has single-handedly raised Abby and has tirelessly enriched my family for many years. I always that that one of the best thing I have ever done was to have my mother-in-law come and live with us.

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