About PQ

2013-01-05 loving on God

Loving on God. There is no place I’d rather be than in Your arms of love.

I have been on a journey of love since my first year in college. It begun with a soft but persevering whisper in my heart that spoke, saying, “I love you.” Instantly I knew it was God’s voice. Everything changed since then. My perspective for life changed. My goal and purpose in life was found. My relationships changed. Now, after 30 plus years, I am a husband, a father, and a pastor in a local church. But, my journey has grown deeper and even stronger. My desire in life… know God and know Him well, love God and love Him well. Even more so… I want to be good at being known and loved by God.

Joy and Q 2009-02-20 a

Joy and Me at Goon’s wedding (Diem and Buggy). Happy together

And there is second part, parallel part in my journey. I have never been good at loving people. But, He has put me on a journey to learn to love and love well. I want to love my wife… really love her. I want to love my daughters well… I want to love those around me well… And hopefully love the unlovely and unreachable. So, I am on a journey.


2012 with Joy

I love this woman, she is the Joy of my life. The Joy of the Lord is my strength.

On this journey, I do want to eat some good food with good people. As I always say, “good food share with good people, almost heaven on earth.” I want to laugh and cry with people and love life. This life is all about people

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