Serbia Mission 2.0 (07/18)

Serbia Mission 2.0 (07/18)

Serbia Mission 2.0 – IT Team joined the rest of the mission team in Belgrade, Serbia on the Thursday (07/16) evening. After the final morning worship at the Taksim Square, we took the Shuttle to the Ataturk Airport bound for Belgrade. When we got the to ticket counter, a happy surprise was waiting for us as the lady at the counter gave three of us upgrade to business class. Abby has never been on a business class, she was smile all the way. The food was delicious and the best seat in the house (Abby had seat 1A).

20150716_153416  20150716_163533

20150716_172045  20150716_172130

As we joined the team, first thing first. We had a wonderful team dinner together. It was and still is one of our favorite places to eat in Serbia. Meat, meat, bread, and meat again. Yum. We can see as the cook grills the meat for us.

s-20150716_213109  s-20150716_213142 \

s-20150716_213150  s-20150716_213527

On our second day (The team’s 5th day) in Belgrade, some of us got the privilege of visiting and spending time with some Serbian youth at a youth center. This is a center where they work with 150 plus youths feeding 3 meals a day, helping with homework, mentoring them and more. What a precious youths. We spent the afternoon with them eating pizza, playing games & getting to know them.

2015-07-17 Group Pic with Serbian Youth Center

On Saturday, some of us took the time to visit the Chinese Market where hundreds of businesses are there side by side. It was a hot day in 100’s. We passed out flyers inviting Chinese youth to come to the camp at the church which starts on Monday. We spoke to number of store owners and buying some great bargains while there.

Then we went off into the town to see the city. We stopped to see the House of General Assembly and then we were off to the Temple of the St. Saba.

s-20150718_155421a  s-20150718_155629


The Temple was beautiful and majestic. Since few of us had the chance to visit the Hagia Sophia while in Istanbul, We saw that they had the exact same shape of an Orthodox church. I think Hagia Sophia was bigger than this temple. In the basement were many paintings of Jesus and his disciples as well as the special exhibits of Russian Romanov royal family. I saw the rich Christian heritage of the people.

s-20150718_163935  s-20150718_164218 IMG_0273

s-20150718_164522   s-IMG_0274

s-20150718_165107   s-20150718_165145

s-20150718_165316  s-20150718_165240


Getting to know someone is the first step to getting love someone.

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