Serbia Mission 2.0 – IT Style (07/15)

Serbia Mission 2.0 – IT Style (07/15)

It is already Wed. and third day into our stay in Istanbul. Our hearts are open, Lord, whatever you have plan for us. Soli Deo Gloria.

The breakfast at the Faros Hotel was good.


We begun the day with worshiping in the Taksim Square. We sang and worshiped God for Him and Him alone. There were few people who were listening in and there was no crowd gathered, but we declared that He is “Worthy of it all.”

We went into the Istanbul Old Town looking to eat its famous “Testi” meal. After searching through many streets in the Sirkeci area of the city. We found our “Testi” at the Salute Pub & Restaurant. The waiter was not aggressive but welcoming, and we decided to eat there. Price was decent but the food was awesome. It was really a great show. He brought out the two pots filled with meat and food and were placed in the pan with fire. When ready, he wrapped the pot with towel on the top and broke the top. He poured the content on our plates and they looked yummy as it was delicious.


Getting ready the pots


In the fire


Pot breaking


ready and served,



















team pic with the waiter

We went to Topkapi Palace. It was just around the corner from the restaurant. We were advised to to the Place late in the afternoon because the crowd will go down. We  met the Romanian Mission Team again. Two days in a row, we are accidentally meeting some special people… Teresa’s heart was heavy and unsettled as she walked through the Palace especially in the section displaying things of Kaaba and other things.

s-20150715_154340  s-20150715_154809

s-20150715_154954  s-IMG_0252


Group pic 1 – look at Brock’s facial expression


Group pic – better


Amazing View from the Palace


Panorama Pic from the Palace

We were so tired getting back to the hotel. But, it was an adventure in the city.

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