Serbia Mission 2.0 – IT Style (07/14) part 2

07/14 (Tues) afternoon

We took a nice nap break and planned to go out to the Taksim Square and Istiklal Ave for a dinner as well as a time to do street worship. We were looking to Manti (Turkish Ravioli). After a long walk about, we found out that the restaurant we were looking for (Hala Manti) did close down to our dismay.




Sent Antuan Kilisesi. While walking down the Istiklal Ave, we saw a Catholic church. It was a beautiful church building with many pictures of a Catholic Pope and a Patriarch of the Orthodox Church meeting up (it was 50 years ago) which is a powerful symbolic thing for the body of Christ. The church was very visible from the main street.




We ended eating at a restaurant in Nevizade Row. Don’t even remember the name but food was okay but little pricey.


Turkish Ice Cream fun…


Teresa had to stop for Turkish ice cream again. She thought this Turkish ice cream vendor/artist was the best and the funniest.  The street was filled with people walking about though late at night…




We then walked back to the Taksim Square hoping that the celebration after the breaking of the Ramadan fast would be over.




Brock and Abby were bold and sat in front of the Monument of the Republic. They begun to sing praises to God and immediately crowd began to gather.




When they sang “Deep Cries out” many from the crowd joined them in the motions and danced with them.  s-20150714_213424



Taekyung got to meet people and be friended them.




Then, a man came to talk to me while Abby & Brock was worshiping. He asked me what my shirt meant that “hope never stops.” I was initially afraid not knowing who he was. But, I found out that He was a Romanian Christian and a part of a short-term mission team going to Romania to teach on stress management with the hope that it will open doors to share the gospel with the people in Romania.

We also met an elderly Iranian couple who told us that they were praying for us. Apparently a Christian couple. Just in one day, we met up four different groups of people carrying the gospel to the nations.

The gospel is the power unto salvation for those who believe (Rom. 1:16). So blessed and encouraged. An amazing day.

About Pastor Q Kim

Lover of God; Learning to be a better husband, father, son, brother and friend; Passionate Pursuer of God's Presence; On a journey to the heart of God Psalm 27:4 John 15:16 Philippians 3:9-10
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