HOPE Serbia Mission 2.0 – IT Team (07/14)

Day 3 (07/14)

Logging in for HOPE Serbia Mission IT (Istanbul Turkey) Team. A beautiful day in Istanbul and we have decided to head out to the Old Town Istanbul. We took the Metro to Sultan Ahmed Mosque which is called Blue Mosque.

s-20150714_103204   s-20150714_103238

s-20150714_104400  s-20150714_103426

At the Hippodrome.

s-20150714_102041   s-20150714_102303

What we wanted to go and see was Hagia Sophia. It is a former Christian patriarchal  basilica, later an imperial mosque, and now a museum (Ayasofya Müzesi). When Ottoman Empire took over the Constantinople and when they made it into a mosque, they tried to cover up much of Christian heritage. Yet, much of ancient arts are still visible in some ways.

s-20150714_110121  s-20150714_113907 s-IMG_0241  s-20150714_115307  s-20150714_115542  20150714_114230

s-20150714_111616 And guess who I met at the Hagia Sophia. The Lutheran pastor whom I met at the Passport Control at the Ataturk Airport was there with his daughter. Rev. Rob Johnson from Toledo Ohio. I think we will meet again in Serbia. How cool would that be?





We walked to the famous Grand Bazaar. While walking around, we got hungry looked for a good place to ea.

We found this restaurant through Trip Advisor, Donerci Sahin Usta, which had a very good rating. When we got there, it was literally a hole in a wall but there was a line of people waiting for their beef doner s-20150714_133605wrapped with yummy wrap.

It was a great find.

We were tried and decided to take a nap and come out in the evening….




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Lover of God; Learning to be a better husband, father, son, brother and friend; Passionate Pursuer of God's Presence; On a journey to the heart of God Psalm 27:4 John 15:16 Philippians 3:9-10
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