Day 17 FABC Pastors – Leaders Conference

Day 17 FABC Pastors & Leaders Conference at AYDC

FABC stands for Fellowship of Akha Baptist Churches and Pastor Luka is one of the main leaders. The pastors & leaders conference for FABC started on Feb. 12th (Tues) evening with a dinner and will end on the 15th (Fri) with a breakfast. Fifty plus pastors and leaders gathered for a time of renewal, re-connecting, training and fellowship, and I got to take a part in it. I shared in the morning session with the Great Commission passage (Matt. 28:18-20). I shared the calling and the purpose God has given me and how that had shaped how I do ministry and guide H.O.P.E. Church. I shared the burden God has given me for the next generation. The thoughts God has been downloading into my heart was… does our churches function & move in light of the callings & the purposes which He gave to us?

I begun my message with the first song I ever learned to sing at a church, an old hymn, Nearer my God to Thee. This was the first song God allowed me to sing before Him even before I ever knew about Him, and this song is a cry of my life until I will see Him face to face.


singing “Nearer my God to Thee” with Brock’s baby Taylor

Ghan translated my message. She made my message better.

Ghan translated my message. She made my message better.

The pastors and the leaders were just the most beautiful people I have ever met. You can see their love for the Lord and the gospel.

20130213_110417 20130213_110457

There were baptist missionary couple who came to teach and share resources with the leaders. I also got to meet an Akha Christian educator who was so creative and resourceful for the ministry toward the children. I haven’t seen flannel board used often for many years in the States, but they tell me it is quite useful in the mountain villages where cutting edge technologies may not work yet. Puppets are always a hit with children.



Akha Christian educator

Akha Christian educator

Of course, how can there be any Christian leaders conference without food. May it never be! And the food was good! Food makes the fellowship happen all the time. The AYDC kids get to help with preparing for the food when they can. My low-carb diet has been out the window. There is no getting around the rice while eating in Thailand. So far, I haven’t gain back the little weight that I lost.

20130213_121851 IMG_20130213_123704 20130213_174630 20130213_12254420130213_174850

IMG_20130213_083910 IMG_20130213_102915

As I get to spend time with Pastor Luka, I am amazed at how awesome this man is. There is simply nothing he cannot do. In the afternoon, seeing that people were getting little tired with the afternoon heat, he got us to exercise. He led us in worship with his guitar playing. When I sang a hymn to begin my evening message, he played his harmonica. I dare say that we made a pretty good combo.

IMG_20130213_092446 IMG_20130213_092405 IMG_20130213_110247IMG_20130213_110217

pastor Luka playing his harmonica while I play guitar. we made a pretty good combo

pastor Luka playing his harmonica while I play guitar. we made a pretty good combo

I closed the evening with my message for this year, John 15:16, God’s invitation to encounter Him as our true friend. And He walks me and He talks with me, and He tells me I am His own. And the joy we share as we tarry there none others has ever known. Indeed He called me not just as a servant (as good as that is) but as a friend whom He desires to share His heart with. What a privilege! What an honor! My ministry is simply an extension of my loving relationship with Him.

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