Day 16 – A wedding day in Mae Sai (2013.02.12)

Day 16 – A wedding Day in Mae Sai

This was to be a full day. I was invited to a wedding (Ghan’s brother’s wedding) in Mae Sai which will be at 10:00 AM. Mae Sai is a town about 1 1/2 hours away from AYDC where Ghan’s mother lives. This meant that I will go into the town (Chiang Rai) with Pastor Luka when he is dropping off his daughters at the schools. Then, meet up with others to go to the wedding. On the way, we dropped by at the university which Luka attended, Chiang Rai Rajabhat University. It had a huge and beautiful campus. I believe Boonta, one of AYDC students, will be attending this university this May. This is one of the  two universities in Chiang Rai and it is a very good university.

This was actually not flower for Ghan, but plants in beautiful shape to bring good smell to the car.

This was actually not flower for Ghan, but plants in beautiful shape to bring good smell to the car.

20130212_090937-1 20130212_091204 20130212_091246 20130212_090817

20130212_091120 20130212_091057

I have never been to a Akha wedding and I was looking forward very much. I love weddings, I really do. It was not to be a traditional Akha wedding since the bride is Catholic and did not want a traditional Akha wedding. The wedding was at groom’s mother’s house. The scenery around her house was simply beautiful! First thing you notice was the flower arch which was set up at the gateway to the house under which the bride and groom will greet the guests and take pictures with them. Of course there was a table for guestbook and wedding presents. The front yard of the house was set up with many round tables with 8-10 chairs around them for the guests. A lot of picture taking.

20130212_102205 20130212_102115 20130212_102243 - Copy 20130212_100941

20130212_100955 20130212_101314 20130212_101402 20130212_101812-1 20130212_105614 20130212_105747 20130212_105949 20130212_110903 20130212_121433 20130212_111117

The food was catered and was very good. How can you have a wedding without good food? Unthinkable.

20130212_112827 20130212_115635 20130212_112210 20130212_115708-1 20130212_120743 20130212_115802 20130212_12314120130212_115515

Then there was a lot of singing. Everyone sang. I ended up singing a song with Pastor Luka as well and we sang “How Great Thou Art.”

20130212_115438-1-1 Gook Gai 20130212_120935 20130212_122230 20130212_122344 20130212_131953 20130212_133029-1

We hurried back after the wedding because the FABC pastors/leaders conference was to begin in the evening with a dinner at AYDC. But many of the guests were staying for next few days for party at the house.

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